Let me start of by letting you know that I have always, and I mean always, loved food! I don’t mean just eating tasty things, I mean the thought process, creation, and artistry that is cuisine! ::Que cheesy music::

And so a passion for eating and savoring and watching turned into a passion for cooking and learning and venturing into the world of food and the culinary arts. Couple that with my enjoyment of writing and bam – Minced Mango was born!

This is a space designed to basically talk about food. To talk about every kind of food, from unique to extreme to down home that you cook daily. I want to talk about the crazy and not-so-crazy dishes I try at restaurants, kitchen experiments (no matter how they turn out!), new foods I try abroad (did I mention I love to travel?) and generally anything else that has to do with food!

As far as I am concerned food is like art, and through cooking you can create a masterpiece that takes you far away from the moment you are in. Cooking and experimenting with new flavors makes me feel serene and thrilled at the same time. I always look forward to that first bite of something new, that moment of truth when you wonder “should I have added that extra dash of ginger?”

And it’s that I want to share with anyone, or no one, I guess it depends on whether or not anyone else checks out this one foodies’ random rants :)

Questions? Suggestions? Just want to chat about nothing in particular? Shoot me an e-mail: foodie@mincedmango.com

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