New beginnings!

So, it has been almost two years since I posted. Which, is insane; and, there’s not much of an excuse for it. “I got busy” sounds so underwhelming – doesn’t everyone get busy? Well, I got life-changing busy. I made the decision to pursue my MBA overseas and consequently spent the following 8 months living in Europe. Followed by 3 more months on top of that living in California finishing it up. I then proceeded to go into a full throttle “apply everything new to my business and go 120%” for the past 8 months.

And while some things have changed, much has stayed the same :)  Still with my boyfriend – although now he got an upgrade to fiance! And so in addition to my business-building, I have been planing for our September wedding. Still traveling constantly, which I do still love. And still adore food! Of course :D

So while I may not have been blogging, I have definitely been “gathering material”! And now that life has started to slowly settle down… well, except for the wedding – oh and did I mention my upcoming move across the country? Well, let’s be honest – life never “settles down”, you just make time for what’s important. And I realized I missed blogging, and it was time to put it back on the list.

So here I am, back with an updated and re-designed site and a boatload of catching up to do! I hope you enjoy my updates, commentaries, recipes, and pictures and I appreciate your coming along for my blogging adventure!


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